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Coupons Saratoga is an Upstate New York coupon website that is the best source for Local Coupons, Bargains and Free Printable Grocery Coupons and a great place to advertise locally or nationally. You can get coupons from thousands of major grocery brands for when you go shopping to local bargains on hotels for friends and relatives to local advertisers, all easily accessible. Like many other communities in the USA, people form Saratoga County are tighten their spending, clipping coupons and finding out that online savings can be the perfect way to save money.  The video above will give you some good ways in saving money through the use of coupons.
At Coupons Saratoga we are constantly scouting the internet finding the best online printable coupons to help you and your families save big!  We find new coupons every week that can save you money. If you would like us to find a coupon that you may be interested in please drop us an email and we will do the work for you.  As simple as that!
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Besides our CouponsSaratoga website, we also put out the Smart Saver which is an 11” x 14” Jumbo Postcard which is mailed to middle-upper income households in various zones in Saratoga, Albany & Schenectady County.  Our postcard packages start at (5000 + Households).  Each postcard has 8 none competing ad spaces on each side.  The postage alone would be $800 dollars if you mail this yourself under the Every Day Direct Mail Program (EDDM) that the US Postal Service offers.

You can get an ad space for as low as $149-$250 dollars which includes the tax. We will also place you on our website for free for the first 3 months. That is a limited offer!  Our product works best for products and services people use every day.  For ad information contact Coupons Saratoga today at 888-990-4880 or 518-664-5353.